January 28, 2011 — Rich Robinson REALLY gets it

Rich Robinson of the Michigan Campaign Finance Reform Network not only gets it, he’s been leading the charge for reform armed with facts, facts, facts.  His research has done more to reveal the excesses of campaign funding than any other analysis I can think of.

And here is his take, Reinventing Michigan Politics, published by the Center for Michigan, another powerful voice for reason.

The dangers of a politicized Supreme Court cannot be overstated.  One-third of the state’s power of government in the hands of seven individuals, some of whom have betrayed their office by serving ideology above the law.

Okay, let’s look at just ONE example, In re Mason, a case involving the parental rights of incarcerated prisoners.

Justice Maura Corrigan led the charge to change law to fit her point of view.  The result has created a nightmare for the Department of Human Services.  At the very least, according to DHS  administrators Terry A. Salacina, Director, Field Operations Administration, and Kathryne A. O’Grady, Director, Children’s Services Administration the ruling will result in ”profound and immediate practice changes.”  That will mean a tremendous amount of additional work.

In her dissent, Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver, went beyond that of Justice Stephen Markman and Justice Diane Hathaway, and she concluded “The clear error is the Supreme Court majority’s unrestrained reaching out and the creation of an issue that was not raised in the trial court or the Court of Appeals and that takes 26 pages to find clear error by the trial court where there is none….”  The result, she says, is tragic–in this case tragic especially for two young children. 

There is some justice in all this…in a perverse way.  Justice Corrigan created this mess and now she has to deal with it as the new Director of DHS.  Pride (and politics) won’t let her back away from her decisions, but it seems at least this one little chicken has come home to roost.

Look for more on this.

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  1. Sanjay says:

    Encouraging to hear such sound and specific soitulons to rectify current judicial problems. A highly important basis of our country is the right to a fair and balanced hearing and the expectation that all facts pertaining to a case will be allowed and receive thorough attention. The peoples business must be the priority of the Courts and to continue to hear of judges not allowing certain evidence, not dispensing equal consequences for situations and multiple other problems is cause for grave concern. It fosters almost a dread of being involved in a legal situation with the potential prospect of being involved in any arm of the courts. Also of concern is the unknown money that floods certain campaign and the inherent secrecy that is in place. Even if misconduct or misuse is not involved it smacks of the appearance of evil, the suspicion that something is amiss. The desire to investigate the court system, to expose issues and to rectify problems is an opportunity at hand and can shed light on current practices and make swift changes to business as usual . The opportunity to take logical steps in reform is present and needs to be activated swiftly. The outcome will enhance citizens attitudes and provide a sense of reasonableness, a hope of fair treatment and do much to restore confidence by the public in possible court situations that seem frightening, dragged out, and emotionally and probably financially draining.

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