December 13, 2010 — Housekeeping: No robocalls at the Dems…and a little more

It’s taken a little while to get this to you: A message from Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer to me is that, no, the Democrats don’t have a copy of the Republicans’ robocall by Michelle Engler concerning Supreme Court Justice Robert Preston Young, Jr.  No surprise, really, but I had thought they might have come across it.  I have sent an e-mail to the National GOP headquarters but am not exactly holding my breath.  It’ll come some time.

Now, in relation to the comment from the robocalls tying SOMEBODY to the Ku Klux Klan, maybe after all the Republicans were referring to Mr. Brewer.  There was some link made in this story that indicates the Muskegon Chronicle carried a story that Mr. Brewer may have defended the Klan or somebody from the Klan in his earlier work with the ACLU.

Lawyers represent who they represent.  It’s their job to provide a zealous defense.


In another little bit of housekeeping, when the transcript of Justice Robert Preston Young, Jr.’s, verbal excess was revealed my first thought was of the object of his scorn and locker-room humor, the disgraced former judge Andrea Ferrara.  I had tried to reach her to see how she was doing.  For all I know that episode of being removed from the bench was likely the worst time in her life.  We know she is still practicing law (specializing, according to her website, in immigration law).  It’s entirely possible that her behavior at a bad point in her life has been amended; many of us can and do change.  So my reaching out to her was not intended to reopen barely healed wounds; I had hoped to hear from her about her story since.  She might have had some wise counsel to give me or Justice Young.  After my third call came a return call asking me not to call again.  Of course I will honor that.  But I do wish her well.

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