November 3, 2010 — Another great day

What?  Just because voters decided to re-elect Justice Robert Preston Young, Jr., and to elect Judge Mary Beth Kelly to the Michigan Supreme Court does not make this a bad day.  The day is wonderful.  There was a beautiful dawning this morning, robed in plum and fuchsia.  I expect the day will continue as a gift.

And the truth abides.  At least some of the truth will remain before us…the contempt by Judge Kelly, the language and practice of Justice Young.

Let us be about our business and not grow weary in the doing.

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One Response to November 3, 2010 — Another great day

  1. Fukitol says:
    2010/11/03 at 2:34 pm
    “robed in plumb and fuchsia”?

    WTF!?!? You really are an egocentric, navel gazing, imbecile aren’t you.

    Congrats to Justice Young and Justice Kelly!!!

    …and fuck that nasty ass RINO Weaver along with her mole covered deal brokering buddy.

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