May 13, 2013 — We’re done here; look for “Judicial Deceit”

Anyone who is a sometime visitor to this site will note that not much has been happening in about the last year and a half. I assure you it was not from lack of interest. Instead, all my energies were going into a new book, Judicial Deceit: Tyranny and Unnecessary Secrecy at the Michigan Supreme Court. My co-author is Chief Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver, Michigan Supreme Court (retired).

I could not keep up a blog and write a book, at least, not about the same thing. …And certainly not if I was trying to keep it fairly quiet. Now it can be made known.

I think I’m done posting anything at this site. New revelations will likely appear at the site related to the book. I hope you’ll visit. I hope you’ll buy the book and find it worth your time. Seven-hundred-sixty-five pages, more than 15-hundred footnotes. Oh, it’s a great, fat book.

The whole purpose of the work of the last year and a half is to reform the court. Of course, that was the whole purpose of this site, too. Much remains to be done. The prospect, however, is not daunting while I recognize it appears impossibly large. It’s not. And don’t bet against reform. As one whom I hold dear used to say: “The future is unknowable.”


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