June 13, 2011 — Justice O’Connor: “Unfortunate national notoriety”

You might want to read this, I’m thinking: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Justice O’Connor is an advocate of an appointed court.  She is coming to speak tomorrow as a part of the Michigan Judicial Selection Task Force, an event scheduled at the Wayne State University Law School.  That task force was put together by Michigan Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kelly and Judge James Ryan, retired, of the U.S. 6th Circuit Appeals Court.  That task force is to look at possible reforms.  Interesting to note that the ONE person who has gone about this state with a plan for reform at the high court has NOT been invited as a panel participant.  In fact, so far there has been no seeming notice taken of the reforms offered by Justice Elizabeth Weaver.  If you’ve visited this site before, chances are that you have stumbled across them.  Hers is a fairly simple, direct plan that retains elections but offers the chance to remove some of the dirty politics for which this state has become known.

Until the Task Force is willing to take a look at all that’s available, it’s a sham and an unfortunate one.  There are enough good minds coming to Wayne State to make a difference, but they probably won’t know what they’re missing.


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